01.Standard parcel

- approximately dimensions 50 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm.(lockable box, suitcase, bag, box)

- Picking up your shipment with you

- The price of the shipment / shipments is determined by the total weight of the delivery by the courier at the place of the sender.

02.Non-standard parcel

 - Non- Standard parcel: individual items that cannot be placed in a closable box. Bulk with larger dimensions.

- Above standard A-bike, mattress, stroller, television and other piece furniture

- Above standard B- washing machine, refrigerator (standard), dryer .....

03.Transport of animals

- Take over to your home or at your agreed place

- Breaks with animals every 3-4h for walking

- Regular fluid and food intake

- Transportation to the destination in the destination or the agreed location

- Personal approach and care for each animal

- Lending of transport boxes

04.Removals service

* Moving: We are moving the price for moving with each customer individually. 


We have many years of experience with international removals. Whether you are moving home or moving office, we have your moving needs covered.

Please contact our customer service team for advice and a quote.

05.Vehicle transport

We can also move your cars and motorcycles between EU countries. Our vehicle transport comes with additional insurance to ensure that your vehicles fully covered.

Please contact our customer service team via email for a quote :

What we do not transport?

Cigarettes, alcohol, explosives, weapons, narcotics and psychotropic substances, low-flammable liquids, poisons, radioactive substances, corrosives, gases and liquids in pressure vessels, etc., precious stones, precious metals, perishable goods. The sender is always responsible for the contents of the box!

!!!!!!  the shipment may be extended in case of unexpected events !!!!!