Terms and Conditions

I. Introductory Provisions, Definition Shipping of Services

a)  The Terms and Conditions form an integral part of the Shipping Contract, where the Courier Agent is obliged to provide transport of  The shipment and the Sender is obliged to pay the agreed fee  price for providing The shipping services. The Terms and Conditions thus govern relations between the Courier and the Sender in providing shipment transport in a binding manner.

b)  The price list containing the price of shipping services is available on the company website.

c) the shipment may be extended in case of unexpected events

d)  Providing shipment transport means the sum of all necessary activities and operations related to the transfer of the shipment from the Sender  to the Recipient in the territory of the Czech Republic or abroad. TheCourier is responsible for the provision of shipment based on the Shipping Contract or the Shiping Order in its own name at the expense of the Sender using one of the following methods of delivery (or their combination, if not excluded below) according to the preference of the Sender, according to the preference of another person in accordance with the Terms and Conditions within the following types of services or as a consequence of certain specific properties of the shipment.

II.Price of Forwarding Services and Terms of Payment.

a) The Sender agrees to pay the remuneration (price) for the provision of shipping services determined based on the tariffs according to the applicable Price List of relevant products. The right of the Courier to the payment of the price for shipping services arises upon delivery of the shipment to the Courier. The price can be lowered by discounts specified in the applicable Price List for individual products mentioned in the Shipping Contract.

b) The Sender is entitled to claim inaccuracies in the data indicated in an invoice issued by the Courier for the transport of shipments no later than within 2 months after the delivery of the invoice.

III.Liability of the Sender for Damage

The Sender is liable for damage incurred by the Courier or third parties as a consequence of a violation of the Sender´s obligations according to the Shipping Contract, including these Terms and Conditions, mainly (though not exclusively) the obligation to provide the Courier with the correct and complete data about the content of the parcel and its character, as well as other facts necessary for concluding the Shipping Contract or providing or performing delivery of the shipment.

IV.Complaints and Claiming Compensation for Damage to Transported Shipments

The Sender is entitled to claim damages due to harm, destruction, partial or complete loss of the transported parcel.

a) Harm means change of state, i.e. change of quality, size, structure, stability, composition, objects constituting the shipment, which can be removed by repair, or such change of state which cannot be removed by repair but nevertheless the item can be used for the original purpose.

b) Destruction means such a change of condition of items constituting the shipment that cannot be removed by repair and the item can no longer be used for the original purpose.

V.Final Provisions

Unless agreed otherwise by the Parties, the Shipping Contract is concluded for an indefinite period of time. Either Party is entitled to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason. The termination period is one month commencing on the first day of the calendar month following the delivery of the termination notice to the other Party